The Original Black Knight Brick Barbecue Kit



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This is a great way to buy our BKB500 brick BBQ kit PLUS a stainless steel warming rack and save yourself around $10.00 compared to buying the two individually! Every part of this DIY grill kit is manufactured in food grade, non magnetic, stainless steel, to give a great long lasting finish and it has all the great features you would expect from the market leader (see below for details)

The BKB501 comes with a 5 year warranty against manufacturing and material faults and is tested to comply with safety standard BS EN 1860:2013-1 for design safety and material quality meaning you can buy with absolute confidence that you will not be disappointed.

The BBQ Kit Measures 26.5 x 15.5" and Includes:

- Strengthened Stainless Steel Cooking Grate 26.5 x 15.5"

- 71/4" thick Steel Deep Charcoal Grid

- Stainless Steel Deep Ash Tray - satin finish to reduce glare

- Stainless Steel Lifting Handles

- Building Instructions

Stainless Steel Warming Rack (26.5 x 8")


GTIN 5060470590109

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BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS - HOW TO BUILD A BBQ (Deluxe_Barbecue_Kit_Instructions_(1).pdf, 461 Kb) [Download]