Black Knight Brick Barbecue Kit Est. 1979



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The BKB502 includes our stylish and durable BKB500 Stainless Steel brick BBQ kit, which is manufactured completely in hard wearing stainless steel, PLUS a stainless steel warming rack PLUS our heavy duty cover.

Every part of this barbecue kit is manufactured in food grade, non magnetic, stainless steel, polished to give a great long lasting finish.

The BBQ Kit Measures 67 x 39 cms and Includes:

- Strengthened Stainless Steel Cooking Grill 67 x 39 cms

- 7mm thick Steel Deep Charcoal Grid

- Stainless Steel Deep Ash Tray

- Stainless Steel Grill Lifting Handles

- Building Instructions

1 x Stainless Steel Warming Rack (67 x 20cms)

1 x Heavy Duty Cover

 photo excalember page_zpszapextkp.jpg

Item weight 10.5KgBricks not included 109 required


BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS - HOW TO BUILD A BBQ (Deluxe_Barbecue_Kit_Instructions_(1).pdf, 461 Kb) [Download]